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Image of SPARK products, this includes an EPoS, KDS, Kiosk, Payment Device, Mobile Ordering and a screenshot of the back office desktop site

SPARK is a Newcastle tech firm specialising in autonomous robots and Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems.

Founded in 2019, SPARK started by developing an integrated cloud-based software platform combining EPoS, customer relationship management (CRM), stock control and reservation management solutions for the leisure and hospitality sector. In 2021, as the Covid pandemic was impacting the hospitality industry, SPARK decided to diversify, expanding into robotics to address staff shortages and improve service efficiencies.

SPARK now develops 15 unique service robots – from ‘ButlerBot’, a hotel service bot that Maldron Hotel Newcastle introduced to guests last year, to ‘BellaBot’, the cat-like robot waiter popular in restaurants like Bella Italian, and L50, the AI-Powered Scrubbing Robot which significantly reduced floor cleaning time for airports, shopping malls and many other large venues.

In 2024, SPARK teamed up with NGI as the Destination Partner, thrilled to join! We’re excited to provide NGI members exclusive offers and hope our IoT solutions can optimise your businesses.

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Our Exclusive Offer for NGI Members


SPARK provides a Free Consultation for NGI Members who own hospitality businesses, aiming to streamline workplace processes, lighten workloads, and cut down on operational expenses.

Cleaning Robot

SPARK is offering all NGI Members the opportunity to discover the power of our Cleaning Robot Range. SPARK will provide you with an in-depth demonstration and a free deep clean.

Full Floor
Cleaning Sessions

SPARK will install our cleaning solutions into your business for 1 working session of 8 hours to deliver a spotless clean. Whether that is a deep vacuum of your carpets or a professional scrub of your flooring.

Mobile Ordering

SPARK is offering business access to our intuitive mobile ordering web app. This versatile solution boasts a customisable interface so you can introduce your branding and make it your own.

Getting Started

Robotic Solutions

Dive Into Our Robotic Range

Image of cleaning robot family

At SPARK EPoS, we offer a diverse selection of Cleaning Robots, each boasting a distinctive design and comprehensive cleaning capabilities. These robots are engineered to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks in various environments efficiently.

Image of service robot family

Our range of Service Robots is specifically designed to excel in the demanding environment of the hospitality industry. Each Service Robot is equipped with unique features, catering to the diverse needs of your customers seamlessly.

Image of Hotel Service robot family

Elevate your hotel’s customer service with our versatile Hotel Service Robots. Designed to operate lifts, navigate corridors, and provide exceptional services, our robots becomes a reliable companion for guests, enhancing their overall experience.

Diverse Spaces

Our Robots Elevating Hygiene Standards

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