Air Purifying Robot

Contactless operations, making workplaces safer.

Hospitality Speciality

Puductor is perfect for disinfecting any hospitality venue.

Large Capacity

Puductor has a large capacity of disinfectant, allowing the bot to work for long periods of time without needing to be refilled.

Smart Navigation

Puductor can automatically navigate around a venue. If someone comes within 3 meters of the bot it will temporarily stop its mist.

Automatic Recharging

Puductor has a 6 hour battery life. Puductor wll automatically navigate to a charging point to be able to run all day.

Dry Mist Disinfection.

Puductor uses a dry mist and UV lights to make sure surfaces become properly disinfected. The level of mist can be altered to fit any size venue.


The puductor is the best air cleansing bot on the market.

Automatic Low level detection

Puductor will automatically alert staff when the liquid is running low and needs to be refilled

Automatic recharging

Puductor will automatically go back to charging point when it is not needed

Motion sensor

Puductor has an automatic motion sensor that is constantly active

Avoidance Technology

Puductor can actively move to avoid contact with obstacles, with a detection range of 40m

Self Driving Solution

Puductor is able to move freely in a 100,000m² space

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99.9% Disinfection Rate

Puductor uses a combination of dry disinfection mist in tandem with UV lights. These industry-leading technologies allow for a 99.9% disinfection rate at all times.

Pudu Management Platform

Remote Access: remote terminal control of robot operation, task management, and work report printing.

Automatic Work Report Generation: work reports generated automatically, check disinfection status of target areas.

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