Contactless operations, Designed for safety 

COVID-19 has changed our way of living. Contactless operations will be crucial for the foreseeable future. Pudu Robotics and SPARK provide multiple solutions to battle the negative impact of the pandemic. With true contactless functions and double disinfection modules, Puductor 2, the UV cleaning robot combined with an air disinfection machine, minimises the risk of cross-infection and improves sanitary conditions for indoor environments.


2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection

360° Sterilization

188μW/cm² UV-C Disinfection

Boil-dry Protection and Low-level Warning

Max 6H Disinfection Time

Automatic Localization and Navigation System

15L Reservoir Capacity

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Automatic Recharging

Ultrasonic Dry mist disinfection


Reservoir Capacity

  • 15L volume:

    Puductor 2 does not need to be refilled frequently.

≤ 10 μm

Dry Disinfection Particles

  • ≤10µm dry disinfectant particles ensuring full contact with all surfaces.

    up to 100% coverage as whole room mist disinfection can get to difficult-to-reach areas.

2.0 l/h

Maximum usage rate

  • 4 mist outputs(adjustable):

    The dry mist output can be adjusted to achieve the necessary disinfection level for any venue.

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Setting 4
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Ultraviolet disinfection

99.99% disinfection rate

4 x 36w ozone-free UV lamp equipped, achieving an industry leading ultraviolet illumination of 188μW/cm² [2] at 1 meter. The UV-C lamp is highly effective against most types of bacteria and viruses, securing a 99.99% disinfection rate.

Intelligent UV-C Lamp Protector

Enclosed cabin with motorized interlocking mechanism, providing protection to the lamp while it is not operating.

Automatic Charging

The total battery capacity is 51.2Ah, for a maximum disinfection time of up to 6h, which can support the disinfection of 12-15 rooms (20㎡/room). Puductor 2 is equipped with a docking station to make sure that the robot is fully charged and ready for the next task. This requires no involvement from staff members.

Boil Dry Protection

Low level warning

Liquid level safety detector in the liquid storage tank, the mist automatically terminates when the liquid level is lower than the safety level.

Real-time liquid level protector in the solution tank will remind the staff to replenish the  cleaning solution when the liquid level is low.

Motion sensor

Equipped with a millimetre wave motion sensor, puductor  2 will shut down the UV lamps and spray automatically if it detects a person within 3 meters.

Management Platform

Remote Access:
Remote terminal control of robot operation, task management, and work report printing.

Automatic Work Report Generation:
Work reports generated automatically, to check the disinfection status of target areas.

Laser SLAM Self-Driving Solution

Able to move freely in a 100,000m² space

Detection range up to 40m

Real-time positioning error less than 10cm

3D Obstacle Avoidance Technology


Powerful 3D perception

Accurately detect obstacles, stopping within a reaction time of 0.5 seconds

Customer Value

Enhanced Patient Safety with UV Light for Hospital Disinfection

Cross infection in hospitals is a serious topic in the healthcare sector. Millions of patients are exposed to the risk of infections during hospitalisation each year and thousands of patients lose their lives. Puductor 2 is the right choice of hospital robot to solve the current healthcare  problems.

Non-chemical disinfection of surfaces

Protects both schools and campuses from the risk of cross infections. Creating a healthy and safe environment for learning.

Efficient Government Operations Under COVID-19

Puductor 2 helps protect both government agency workers and the public from the risk of infection and any other potential bacterial diseases.

Stay safe during travel

The Puductor 2 can disinfect large areas such as airports and other public stations. Keep travellers safe by having a clean environment during transit.

Safe Accommodation Environment

Puductor 2 is a reliable hotel robot. With both UV light and dry mist disinfection modes, it ensures a safe and virus free environment in hotels.

Protect Employees And Your Business

Protect your employees safe in large offices in order to keep businesses operating smoothly.


1. The staff checks the capacity of the disinfectant solution.
2. The staff sets disinfection tasks. Cruise Mode: total disinfection time,driving path and disinfection method Fixed-point Mode: single-point/multi-point disinfection and disinfection method
3. Puductor 2 automatically reaches the initial point of work.
4. Puductor 2 begins to count down and notifies people to stay away from the disinfection areas.
5. Puductor 2 completes the task as programmed or the staff terminates the task remotely.
6. Puductor 2 automatically returns to the charging dock.

1. The staff manually pushes the Puductor 2 to the disinfection point.
2. The staff checks the capacity of the disinfectant solution.
3. The staff sets disinfection tasks (total disinfection time, disinfection method).
4. Puductor2 begins to count down, and notifies people to stay away from the disinfection areas.
5. Puductor 2 completes the task as programmed or the staff terminates the task remotely.
6. The staff manually pushes Puductor 2 back to the charging dock.


There are 3 main disinfectants that the puductor bot can use. These are :
Gamba disinfectant
84 Disinfectant
Coiled chlorful Kettler solution.

The puductor bot is designed to be able to be sent off automatically or pushed around by a member of staff. 
It is not safe to have anyone present if 84 Disinfectant is being used. 

Puductor should only be used with the recommended  disinfectant. 
Disinfectants to avoid:
3% hydrogen peroxide solution.
6% hydrogen peroxide solution.
Potassium manganate Solution.
Aldehyde disinfectant.
All kinds of hand sanitiser .
Phenolic disinfectant.
Iodine disinfectant.


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