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How YO! stays ahead of the curve

With their iconic sushi conveyor belts, YO! has been one of the best-loved British restaurant brands since the 90s. As pioneers in the tech-powered restaurant space, it is no surprise that YO! was also an early adopter of digital ordering.

YO! Sushi Venue

Business Type

Fast Casual

Products Used

BellaBot, HolaBot


Middlebrook, Newcastle

The Robotic Solution

YO! Sushi is a venue known for it’s innovative choices and it’s ability to stay ahead of the curve. However, in a post COVID world, YO! Sushi have had to find a way to stand out in a tech-heavy business. YO! needed something which could keep them steps ahead of its competitors whilst also fixing the many issues which have occurred in hospitality in a post COVID world.

In the hopes to introduce something new to the already innovative business, YO! decided to see if robotics were the solution to keep them one step ahead of the curve. Starting with a trial in their Newcastle store, YO! was more than happy with the customer response to BellaBot and HolaBot. Now the hugely popular food chain will begin implementing SPARK Robotics across multiple venues across the UK. So keep your eyes open for BellaBot and HolaBot.

YO Sushi Food

Service Made Easier

With the use of robotics for jobs like carrying used plates and delivering food, staff can now focus on keeping customers satisfied and service flowing.

Staff Shortages Solved

With robotics in their venue, YO! have one less member of staff to account for staff sickness and holidays. The robotics are always be prepared to work.

Save Money, Make Profit

Robotics can be introduce from as low as £10 a day. Not only will they save you money but they'll also bring profit in by attracting customers through the novelty of robotics.

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The Products

BellaBot 2


BellaBot is a premium delivery robot with multi operational modes. Equipped with four trays with inbuilt lights, Bella is capable of delivering food and indicating which tray is for which customer.

HolaBot 2


HolaBot is a heavy duty delivery robot with ultra large carrying capabilities and key features such as smart navigation, obstacle detection and notification reminders.