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connected ecommerce

Connected e-commerce

Create offers and vouchers through the back office. These are then advertised on the customer facing display, and will also be automatically published on the StreetAway app to reach a significantly larger audience. Customers can pre-pay for vouchers before they arrive, which can be redeemed in seconds with the QR reader.

customer facing display pos

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our EPOS will enrich your entire customer journey. With reduced wait times and eye-catching displays, customers will rarely be disappointed. Allow customers to interact with the dual screen by leaving reviews, allowing you to collect feedback to make improvements based on real customer recommendations.

dual screen pos CRM

Intuitive Marketing

SPARK’s built-in CRM feature allows you to target specific customers, build customer relationships and gain loyalty. Gather insight into customers behaviours and purchase history to tailor offers just for them, encouraging repeat business.

dual screen pos & handheld deviceInnovative Design

A new, modern, innovative point of sale system with the software and tools to give you improved control of your whole operation. The terminal comes with a built in printer, or you can combine the terminal with our high-speed printer via bluetooth, allowing tickets or receipts to be printed in multiple locations around the venue.

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handheld device table-side ordering

Employee Management

Unlike many other POS systems, SPARK eliminates the need for dallas keys. Staff can clock in and out using their own unique pin or QR code, allowing a rapid switch between users during service, saving valuable time. SPARK allows you to determine staff role groups, meaning you acquire complete control over user permissions.


Product Control

Rapidly create your menu. Easily add, modify or remove products and recipes from any device. Sort your products into categories, creating an easier interface for your staff to navigate. The ability to add modifications or notes to orders will allow you to streamline the ordering process ensuring you always get your customers order right.


Painless Bill Splitting

Bill splitting is stress-free with SPARK. Split payment by item or number of customers, providing full flexibility and a simpler process for the customer.


Inventory Management

Access the back office portal through any compatible device. The simple, intuitive interface will allow you to organise your products in a way that suits the way you work. It allows you to monitor your wastage, helping you identify how to cut costs. You’ll also receive low stock alerts to ensure you stay on track with your orders, and never run out of your most popular products.


Table Management

Customise your floor plan to mirror the layout of your venue. View the status of each table right from the terminal, all colour coded so your staff can clearly see reserved, vacant, or occupied tables. Tables booked through the reservation system will also automatically appear on your table plan.


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dual screen pos crm


Customers can place their order themselves straight from the dual screen terminal, meaning staff can focus on other duties. Customers are able to review their order before purchase, ensuring you get the order right every time.


Customer Loyalty

SPARK’s built-in CRM feature allows you to target specific customers, build customer relationships and gain loyalty. Gather insight into customers behaviours and purchase history to tailor offers just for them and encourage repeat business.


Customer Facing Display

Attract customers with striking promotions using the unique customer facing display. Promotions you create on your terminal will be automatically published on the StreetAway app, reaching a significantly larger audience of potential customers. Do you have a wine tasting event, or new menu launch? Keep your customers up-to-date on all of your events through the promotional screen.


Personalised Service

Create customer profiles to gather data, from their basic information to behaviours including allergies and product preferences. Guests can leave reviews through the system, meaning you receive feedback directly. This allows you to resolve any issues privately, and make informed business decisions to improve customer experience.


Table-side Ordering

Take orders directly from customers tables with the smart assistant handheld PDQ system. Save staff valuable time by eliminating the need to move back and forth to a fixed terminal, while also providing them with the opportunity to build more rapport with customers.


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handheld device table-side ordering

Real-Time Reservations

Guests can make reservations in real-time with the online reservation system. It allows you to stay up-to-date, providing a user-friendly experience for both customers and the business. Receive online reservations straight to your table plan so you are fully informed at all times.


Kitchen Display System

Enhance kitchen efficiency as staff receive orders directly to the easy-to-read digital screen, eliminating the risk of lost paper tickets. Staff can start preparing orders instantly, minimising delays and improving overall service. Monitor waiting times to help you maintain service targets and get the most out of your staff.


Integrated Payments

Adhere to customers payment preferences by providing several options. SPARK accepts any credit card, as well as Apple and Android pay, etc.


The Cloud

Your sensitive data is always stored securely and safely with SPARK’s cloud based software. Reports such as sales data and transaction history can be accessed from any compatible device from any location, meaning you can make business decisions remotely, wherever you may be.


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cloud based office reports

End of Day

Gain accuracy when cashing out using end of day reports. Track each terminal’s sales, payments, or refunds with the end of day report. Use this data to compare the actual cash in the drawer.



Employee reports provide insight into sales per employee, and who has sold what over specified time periods. Identify your top performers and discover which staff members need support.


Sales Reports

View sales data by day, week, month or a custom time period, as well as per employee, all in real-time. Compare data and identify your busiest time periods to help you plan more efficiently and make better business judgements. Reports can be accessed from any device, not just the terminal, providing you complete visibility at all times.



Discover exactly what’s in your inventory. See how your actual stock compares with the sales data to get a full stock report. The information allows you to make smart financial decisions and forecast more effectively.


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cloud back office dashboard feature

Product Options

Create detailed recipes by adding each element of a dish, stock amount, and units of each item, giving you complete control of stock. Determine when certain dishes can be sold by selecting specific time ranges of availability, ensuring staff are always aware of menu changes.



Promotions are created through the back office, with specific options to choose from, ensuring you get the most from your display. Determine the display duration, from days of the week to specific time periods, to guarantee you capture the target audience. Set parameters of your choice so you’re always the one in control.



Add supplier profiles to your back office to help you manage orders and deliveries with ease.


Cash Management

Cash management is made easier with SPARK. Collate all the financial data from every area of your business to better monitor cash movements and business performance.


Transform with SPARK

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