Every restaurant owner has to suffer those quiet days when customers just aren’t coming in and the tables aren’t turning. Luckily, a well designed EPOS system can do much more than just increase efficiency in your venue. It allows you to utilise a variety of data in order to maximise sales during less busy times and increase profitability. We’ve designed a system that does the legwork for you and helps you rise above your competitors! See the tips below on how to maximise profits during non-peak hours.


cloud office reports, maximise sales

Firstly, you need to identify when your quiet times are. With in-depth reporting you can identify your least profitable time periods by analysing sales data by day, week or month. With this data, you can schedule your staff based on accurate forecasting. This allows you to reduce unnecessary labour costs so you don’t have more staff than you need and you’ll always be prepared.

Nearby Events

Research any nearby events. There might be a close by event that’s getting a lot of attention – utilise the opportunity to drive more customers to your venue with the event’s popularity.  For example, a gig could be happening close to your venue, consider creating a promotion that allows anyone with tickets to get a free or discounted meal.

With Spark, any promotions or offers you create will automatically be published on the StreetAway app, allowing your offer to be seen by a significantly larger audience.  Customers can receive push notifications of your latest deals instantaneously on their smartphone. Offers will also be published on your customer facing display, which will engage your customers with striking multimedia.


Loyalty programme

Create loyalty programmes to encourage repeat business during quiet periods. Give customers a reason to return to your restaurant by offering free items and rewards. Spark‘s CRM system allows you to monitor customer buying preferences so you can create tailored marketing campaigns to specific customers that are more likely to engage. You can send emails, SMS or push notifications to draw your customers in.

Customer Data

Your EPOS system records detailed sales data. You can track customer buyer behaviour to see what specific combinations of products people are ordering. You can use this data to train staff to recommend drink pairings or side dishes that compliment popular menu items to maximise sales, utilising up-selling opportunities.

Spark’s intuitive system allows recommendations to appear on your terminal. So once you ring through an item, the pop up box will prompt staff to offer additional sides or add-ons. The feature can be utilised on handheld devices too, so staff can up-sell directly from the customers table.


To find out more on how EPOS can help you maximise sales, visit www.sparkepos.com

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