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The intuitive cloud based back office software allows you to control and monitor each aspect of your business through any device connected to the internet. Here, you can manage supplier profiles and orders, access product and stock management, view all of your recipes and product categories and manage promotions.

cloud office laptop
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As long as there’s an internet connection, it’s possible to access business reports and data through a secure login. Have full control of your business wherever you are.

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If the worst happens and your hardware is stolen or damaged, the stuff that really matters – your business data – is safe and sound in the cloud. All you need to do is sign in on a new terminal and you’ll be right back in business.

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Whether 1 venue or 100, all the important is easily accessible from the dashboard. Get detailed reports from each individual site or an overview of company performance.


The most important data from the business, presented clearly at your fingertips. Discover live data of the financial health through the dashboard, best-selling items and best performing staff within the venue. Find out more about employee management