Maximise your revenue

Intelligent Reservations

Intelligent real-time reservations allow you to reduce dead space at busy times and maximise the number of table turns in one sitting. Automatically find the most efficient seating configuration so you can squeeze in extra walk-ins on the day and increase revenue by 10-15%. 

Real- Time Reservations

Maximise revenue by utilising space efficiently with an intelligent booking system.  Live reservations taken through your website, on a dedicated app or through social media, free up your staff to focus on delivering memorable service.

Table Management

All tables are colour coded so the status of each table can be seen instantly by staff members, allowing food service and table management to be streamlined. View occupied, reserved, waiting and empty tables.

Customer Info

Receive customer information from an online booking directly to your terminal. Contact details can be dragged and dropped to any table, streamlining the seating process.

App Integration

Customers can book, order and pay directly through the dedicated app, receive bookings in real-time straight to your system. Customer information is stored, names, amount of guests, contact info and any orders appear directly to your terminal.

With your unified system, reservations are completely integrated both on your till system and on the back end. It’s easy to create your own restaurant floor plan with ‘drag and drop’ functionality on the restaurant management portal. Find out more