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SPARK EPOS - Customer Experience, Waitress waiting on Customers
May / 29

Customer Experience: Ways To Improve It

Zulfa Begum Hospitality 0

You want every single customer that visits your venue to leave happy – and preferably thinking about the next time they can visit. Even better if their experience at your restaurant encourages them to tell all their friends about you, thus bringing in more customers. Similarly, if a customer’s experience is bad and they leave unsatisfied, […]

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May / 15

Manage Your Reservations With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General 2 Comments

Customers are what keep your business running. These are the people that have chosen to spend their hard-earned cash at your venue. Therefore, having an effective reservations system is quite important to make sure those customers can book a table with ease. An intelligent booking system not only maximises your sales, but also ensure you’re […]

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painlessly split bills, dual screen pos in venue
May / 10

Painlessly Split Bills With SPARK

Zulfa Begum General 0

It’s evident that workers within the hospitality industry dread splitting bills for large groups of people. It’s time consuming, stressful and there’s likely to be a few mistakes made, meaning a supervisor will need to get involved to fix it. This just causes more delays and takes up precious time however, it’s poor service if […]

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