Cloud Office

cloud office[vtq_headlines vtq_title="Cloud Office" vtq_subtitle="Access anywhere"] The intuitive cloud based back office software allows you to control and monitor each aspect of your business through any device connected to the internet. Here, you can manage supplier profiles and orders, access product and stock management, view all of your recipes and product categories and manage promotions. AccessibleInvulnerabilityScalabilityEssential...

Detailed Reports

detailed reports[vtq_headlines vtq_title="Detailed Reports" vtq_subtitle="Simple and informative"] DashboardEnd Of DaySalesEmployee [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="Dashboard" vtq_icon="oslo-icon-google127"]Access the dashboard and sales reports anywhere through the Cloud. Manage employee sales by day, week or month, and end of day reports. It's never been easier with Spark.[/vtq_service_box] [vtq_service_box vtq_style="style-4" vtq_title="End Of Day" vtq_icon="oslo-icon-light88"]View sales per employee to identify your top performers. Observe...

Stock Management

stock management

SPARK’s stock management tool allows you to track stock, manage inventory levels and order with ease. Built-in stock checks allow you to maintain accuracy.